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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heather & Darcy, Engaged ~ Niagara Falls Engagement Photographer

Heather & Darcy came for a little weekend getaway to Niagara Falls this weekend to meet up with me for their engagement shoot. Their wedding is coming up this July and today was a great day to get to know them a little better and get some shots of them being "them". I adore the way Heather smiles when Darcy is near and I'm looking forward to sharing in their big day!


Jill & Family, Expecting ~ Welland Maternity Photographer

This gorgeous Mama and her family are expecting their 2nd little girl in just a few weeks and were in today for their maternity shoot. It took some creative planning to get spunky Izzy to participate but we got what we needed. I can't wait to meet Izzy's baby sister!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The "Hunger Games" Inspired Shoot...Part 2

My daughter and I ventured out last night to complete our Hunger Games Inspired shoot with part 2...this time we took inspiration from when Katniss was in the arena the first time, fighting for her life.

I've had a lot of people ask if I'll be offering this type of shoot to others...this was actually a special shoot for Alex and myself that won't be replicated. Thank you for all the interest and sweet compliments though!

Lastly, thanks to Amanda Sherk of Glamorous! By Amanda Sherk for doing Alex's make up for this part of the shoot and for helping out in the field!!


Sweet Makenna, 9 Days New ~ Welland Newborn Photographer

This little princess was a GREAT sleeper. She pretty much let me do whatever I wanted with her and showed me a huge variety of facial expressions, including lots of smiles :) It's always a good day in studio to see a newborn show off their gums!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Barrett, 6 Days New ~ Welland Newborn Photographer

This "big guy" came into the studio today knowing EXACTLY what he wanted and didn't want to do....on his "to do list" was : keep his hands buried in the wraps, go through 4 diapers, pee on the photographer and MOST of all...refuse to do what the photographer wants me to do LOL. On his "not to do" list was simply: do what the photographer wants me to do.

That all being said, it was quite a fight, but we still managed to get some sweet shots of him and I'm hoping to see him and his Mommy & Daddy back soon for some family shots :)


Happy 1st Birthday Ella! ~ Welland Children's Photographer

ANOTHER one of my "bellies to babies" clients came in today for her 1st birthday shoot! Actually, this little girl belongs to one of my wedding couples whom I've been working with for years now. It always makes me so happy to watch "my" families grow!

Ella here took her cake VERY seriously and I have to tell you, I had a piece of that cake and it was DELICIOUS!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aaron, 9 Months ~ Niagara Children's Photographer

It wasn't that long ago that this little guy was in for his 6 month photos and now, here we are at 9 months :) We were hoping for nicer weather to be able to do this shoot outside but it wasn't meant to be. We did however manage to get a few family shots outside and they're some of my favourites :)




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