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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Twins X2!

I had the pleasure of photographing 2 sets of twins within 24 hours of each other last month so I figured I'd blog them all together ;)

Can you even handle all the cuteness???? 40 toes, 40 fingers and a whole lot of adorable :)

 photo BK5A9899_zpsfeccbcb7.jpg
 photo BK5A9890_zps8d66ed09.jpg
 photo BK5A9880bw_zpse27afa28.jpg
 photo BK5A9869_zps949b154a.jpg
 photo BK5A9805_zps0e4d4ebb.jpg
 photo BK5A9779_zps0881d142.jpg
 photo BK5A9745_zps00453852.jpg
 photo BK5A9721_zpsaf4a39a7.jpg

Sweet Tate, 18 days new

This little guy came into this world 6 weeks earlier than originally planned but has been a rockstar ever since. He was a bit of a stinker butt for me in the studio the other day and was pretty vocal about me wanting to dress and undress him but we did manage to get what we needed, lol. Check him out:

 photo BK5A2698_zps748eccf4.jpg
 photo BK5A2765_zps1f8f491b.jpg
 photo BK5A2746_zps223a87ca.jpg
 photo BK5A2740_zps7bda32c9.jpg
 photo BK5A2720_zps7c7ebc1f.jpg
 photo BK5A2715_zpsf057c96a.jpg
 photo BK5A2700_zps3b79cf28.jpg

Sweet Blake

This little man has been through so much in just 8 short weeks of being on this earth….and things are really rough for him right now so please send your prayers and good thoughts to him and his family.

 photo BK5A2229_zps8e13847d.jpg
 photo BK5A2223_zps3e6dc76e.jpg
 photo BK5A2221_zps5ee3e46f.jpg
 photo BK5A2219_zpsbbfc1e08.jpg
 photo BK5A2207_zpsad5a1fda.jpg
 photo BK5A2202_zpsab5d7c9a.jpg
 photo BK5A2199copfy_zpsc7226544.jpg

Sweet Maisie

The newborn girls in the studio have been few and far between this year so far so Maisie was a special treat for me last week. I've also never had a "Maisie" in the studio before her but found out her name was inspired by country music. How sweet is she??

 photo BK5A2477_zpsa13c8f36.jpg
 photo BK5A2451_zps2c98adcd.jpg
 photo BK5A2446_zpsd7d770f6.jpg
 photo BK5A2428_zpsb1dac6be.jpg
 photo BK5A2391_zps79413c0a.jpg

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meet Mason, 9 days new

I just photographed this adorable little guy earlier today and I'm on a roll so I figured I'd blog him right away ;)

Mason is one of those babies that makes you want to have another one….sweet, beautiful and so laid back.

I'm not gonna lie though, considering his Mommy was a child herself last time I saw her, I'm feeling pretty old right now lol.

Check out some of what we got with him today!

 photo BK5A2355_zps912d6811.jpg
 photo BK5A2329_zps33ef5346.jpg
 photo BK5A2322_zps8a6e649a.jpg
 photo BK5A2316bw_zpsdd82eee5.jpg
 photo BK5A2303_zps765ac080.jpg
 photo BK5A2297_zps85a39e04.jpg
 photo BK5A2275_zpsa519499d.jpg
 photo BK5A2265_zpsd0873983.jpg
 photo BK5A2252_zps63ad7f8d.jpg

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring is (almost) in the air...

The last few weeks have been busy with the start of engagement sessions for my 2014 and 2015 wedding clients as well as newborns and a couple of 6 month sessions…check them out!

 photo BK5A2168_zps96dbac34.jpg
 photo BK5A2061_zpsce0ce2df.jpg
 photo BK5A2032_zps67209056.jpg
 photo BK5A1944_zps7fbf162e.jpg
 photo BK5A0741_zps78736cd3.jpg
 photo BK5A0702c_zpsd441c09e.jpg
 photo BK5A0099_zps478ba672.jpg
 photo BK5A0073_zps5bb66991.jpg
 photo BK5A9930_zps002e525a.jpg
 photo BK5A9910_zps9e429724.jpg
 photo BK5A9701_zpsf6a9ddfc.jpg
 photo BK5A9616_zpsca5f46fd.jpg
 photo BK5A9570_zps08b18a8e.jpg
 photo BK5A9529_zpsce59f207.jpg
 photo BK5A9434_zps2a121b09.jpg
 photo BK5A9283_zps8bcb2699.jpg



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