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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some recent faves...

The studio has been BUSY BUSY lately with too many newborns to count! Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not complaining, but it's also made it once again impossible to blog each session separately...

I hope you'll still enjoy some of my faves from the past few weeks!

 photo BK5A8361_zps0a71f059.jpg
 photo BK5A8330_zps0cfc049c.jpg
 photo BK5A0787_zps59aa33df.jpg
 photo BK5A0678_zpsadedf8d5.jpg
 photo BK5A0615_zps5c52124f.jpg
 photo BK5A0578_zps22258e1f.jpg
 photo BK5A0544_zpsba5f95d2.jpg
 photo BK5A0529_zps31f784a0.jpg
 photo BK5A0475_zps3d297e10.jpg
 photo BK5A0375_zpsdf1f9616.jpg
 photo BK5A0272_zps44dde721.jpg
 photo BK5A9796bw_zps06891049.jpg
 photo BK5A0452_zps8622ab4c.jpg
 photo BK5A0420_zps2fcee188.jpg
 photo BK5A0334_zpse610d8c7.jpg
 photo BK5A0296_zpse9ca9095.jpg
 photo BK5A9840d_zps66fe5c30.jpg
 photo BK5A9620_zps2de61042.jpg
 photo BK5A9572_zps8af3c541.jpg
 photo BK5A9364_zps5ee03738.jpg
 photo BK5A9245txt_zps8c2695ed.jpg
 photo BK5A9143_zpsc953e052.jpg
 photo BK5A9084_zpsda84fe37.jpg

Monday, June 10, 2013

Crystal + Richard, married

This beautiful couple came to me through a referral from a fellow photographer and I couldn't be happier that things worked out the way they did. Not only did they choose me (and Traci) to capture their wedding day, they are also expecting their 2nd child this summer and have also chosen me to capture the many milestones this new baby will go through over the next 12 months!

Last month, Crystal & Richard said their vows on a brisk spring day at Pen Lakes Golf Course. While the weather wasn't fantastic, the rain did hold off long enough for everything, including the surprise fireworks and ice cream truck at the end of the day! Check out some of my favourites:

 photo BK5A4922rs_zps959fae04.jpg
 photo BK5A4979_zps2c2256f0.jpg
 photo BK5A5144_zps3f92cd60.jpg
 photo BK5A5236rs_zps981c51ed.jpg
 photo BK5A5284_zpsfa164f15.jpg
 photo BK5A5559rs_zps6a68b4b1.jpg
 photo BK5A5575rs_zpsa8cc659c.jpg
 photo BK5A5687_zpsafa3159c.jpg
 photo BK5A5704_zpsc2877313.jpg
 photo BK5A6029_zpsf8d9f6f2.jpg
 photo BK5A6169_zpsce5fbbe6.jpg
 photo BK5A6211_zpscf128f24.jpg
 photo BK5A6258_zpsdbb03d48.jpg
 photo BK5A6371_zpsca82ef33.jpg
 photo BK5A6586done_zps617e98a8.jpg



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