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Sunday, March 8, 2015


Here's a few of my fave shots from the last week's worth of sessions. Enjoy!

 photo BK5A4512bw_zpst6zncsye.jpg
 photo BK5A4483_zpsh6zwdung.jpg
 photo BK5A4473_zpswp6shdoa.jpg
 photo BK5A4440_zps0dnrxrgt.jpg
 photo BK5A4368_zpsyi8uao61.jpg
 photo BK5A4313_zpsfc1pcahu.jpg
 photo BK5A4249_zpspcjejogl.jpg
 photo BK5A4241_zpsjfrkbboi.jpg
 photo BK5A4223_zpseii16rmm.jpg
 photo BK5A4213bw_zpsbqqzsk57.jpg
 photo BK5A4205_zpsouoeyfmq.jpg

Friday, March 6, 2015

Mentoring session with Sicabelle Photography

Last week, I had the pleasure of having Jessica from Sicabelle Photography in for a mentoring session.

Our little model definitely showed a bit of a "diva" side with not exactly just "doing" what we wanted him too, but it also provided the perfect opportunity to show what can be done to help make a session go smoothly, even when the baby has other ideas ;)

Here's some of the shots we grabbed that day. Thanks so much Jessica for joining me in the studio and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with what you learned!

 photo BK5A4178_zpshz2neipf.jpg
 photo BK5A4172_zpscf6xdwim.jpg
 photo BK5A4145_zpsihfd4ahm.jpg
 photo BK5A4141_zpsk8i3kwho.jpg
 photo BK5A4138_zpses2o3yos.jpg
 photo BK5A4117_zpsobt04tcj.jpg
 photo BK5A4112_zpsoq0heulr.jpg

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Parker, 14 days new

Miss Parker came into the studio the other day and couldn't have been a better little model for us! Just look at how gorgeous she is:

 photo BK5A4046_zpscb440f74.jpg
 photo BK5A4040_zpsce3243f8.jpg
 photo BK5A4036_zps58e84ad8.jpg
 photo BK5A4030_zps8921965a.jpg
 photo BK5A4016_zpsf772a41d.jpg
 photo BK5A4007_zps99c593dd.jpg
 photo BK5A4004_zps8aba124e.jpg
 photo BK5A3998_zps76d6a2d4.jpg
 photo BK5A3985_zps3c99bc83.jpg
 photo BK5A3978_zpsed5f1ef5.jpg

Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Sessions, February Entry

It's been a pretty busy few weeks in the studio with a good variety of different sessions. Check out my faves from the past couple of weeks!

 photo BK5A3950_zpsd911cc5c.jpg
 photo BK5A3897_zps9c9997f3.jpg
 photo BK5A3877_zps9bad4b40.jpg
 photo BK5A3779_zpsd2f1ea94.jpg
 photo BK5A3746_zps85743545.jpg
 photo BK5A3685_zpsd389cd3f.jpg
 photo BK5A3681_zps211cb3eb.jpg
 photo BK5A3669_zps8f43d91a.jpg
 photo BK5A3574_zpsc45049ff.jpg
 photo BK5A3552_zpsde03ac0d.jpg
 photo BK5A3429_zps5ee5e9ab.jpg
 photo BK5A3415_zpsb1c08e15.jpg
 photo BK5A3399_zps90c8a76e.jpg
 photo BK5A3343_zps080f343b.jpg
 photo BK5A3277_zps423259e1.jpg
 photo BK5A3248_zps5bc4435b.jpg

Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 sessions, January entry

So, for 2015, I'm hoping to be able to do at least a monthly review blog post which will highlight some of my fave pics from that month's sessions. Here's the January edition!

 photo BK5A2458_zps4cba5972.jpg
 photo BK5A2425_zps30b162b3.jpg
 photo BK5A2362_zpsab39da8f.jpg
 photo BK5A2099_zps0076fde3.jpg
 photo BK5A2072_zps08b66804.jpg
 photo BK5A2054_zpsda723c46.jpg
 photo BK5A2016a_zpsb50c7210.jpg
 photo BK5A1883_zps26397898.jpg
 photo BK5A1812_zps305d727e.jpg
 photo BK5A1797_zps440c0331.jpg
 photo BK5A1713_zps35a74175.jpg
 photo BK5A1663_zpse822d795.jpg
 photo BK5A1649_zpsf0c8b6bc.jpg
 photo BK5A1634_zpscdd8325f.jpg
 photo BK5A1618_zps6585c4ec.jpg
 photo BK5A1493_zpsbdbdeb57.jpg
 photo BK5A1465_zpsb770c411.jpg



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