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Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Sessions, February Entry

It's been a pretty busy few weeks in the studio with a good variety of different sessions. Check out my faves from the past couple of weeks!

 photo BK5A3950_zpsd911cc5c.jpg
 photo BK5A3897_zps9c9997f3.jpg
 photo BK5A3877_zps9bad4b40.jpg
 photo BK5A3779_zpsd2f1ea94.jpg
 photo BK5A3746_zps85743545.jpg
 photo BK5A3685_zpsd389cd3f.jpg
 photo BK5A3681_zps211cb3eb.jpg
 photo BK5A3669_zps8f43d91a.jpg
 photo BK5A3574_zpsc45049ff.jpg
 photo BK5A3552_zpsde03ac0d.jpg
 photo BK5A3429_zps5ee5e9ab.jpg
 photo BK5A3415_zpsb1c08e15.jpg
 photo BK5A3399_zps90c8a76e.jpg
 photo BK5A3343_zps080f343b.jpg
 photo BK5A3277_zps423259e1.jpg
 photo BK5A3248_zps5bc4435b.jpg




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