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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This beautiful little girl has been coming to see me for photos since she was just a few months old. She came in yesterday for a couple of Easter photos and while she clearly had better things to do, she did sit still just long enough for me to grab a couple of great shots ;)

 photo Untitled-1-10_zpsb87f319f.jpg
 photo BK5A9141_zps21bba792.jpg
 photo BK5A9132_zps6de39abc.jpg
 photo BK5A9122_zpsc1ccebaa.jpg

Izzy & Madelyn

These 2 ginger girls are some of my favourite girls to have in the studio :) Always full of energy and smiles, they came in yesterday for a couple of Easter pics and Miss Madelyn also modelled a few new headbands for me...check them out ;)

 photo BK5A8997_zpsbcf4d27e.jpg
 photo BK5A8986_zps3f66db04.jpg
 photo BK5A8984_zpsb5b62402.jpg
 photo BK5A8955_zpsa2f8f0fe.jpg
 photo BK5A8945_zpsea7af516.jpg
 photo BK5A8936_zps081ba8fb.jpg
 photo BK5A8926_zps832b070e.jpg

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Newborn Photographer Competition

One of the images I took a few weeks ago of Peyton made it into the top 10 for the Best Newborn Photographer competition. I would love it if you took a moment to go take a look at the crazy talent displayed and give my photo a "like" if you feel so inclined!


 photo 887170_546700338686255_1296754476_o_zps6ad1c52b.jpg

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sweet Daniella, 16 Days New

This tiny peanut came into the studio the other day for her modelling debut. She may be little, but she sure is super strong! She is seriously so little, probably one of the smallest newborns I've ever had here in the studio, but definitely, one of the sweetest :)

 photo BK5A8637_zps54290c5e.jpg
 photo BK5A8625_zpsf47aee99.jpg
 photo BK5A8610_zpsa16afda1.jpg
 photo BK5A8608_zpsf506e343.jpg
 photo BK5A8579_zps410cf93a.jpg
 photo BK5A8561_zps850e2069.jpg
 photo BK5A8557_zpse9454c70.jpg
 photo BK5A8551_zpsf81374b0.jpg
 photo BK5A8536_zpsaec92431.jpg
 photo BK5A8530_zpsb1c2f307.jpg

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Peyton & Avery ~ Siblings

Sweet Peyton was in the studio last week for his big debut during my very first mentoring session, and he was a total rockstar :) Yesterday, he and his big brother Avery came in with the hopes of getting at least one shot of them together....you see, when it comes to 2/3 year olds, they're typically not big fans of doing much of what I ask of them here in the studio LOL.

Avery however, was up for the challenge and with the help of my daughter and the boys Mommy, we managed to get some absolutely beautiful shots of these boys together. And I must tell you, doing these sibling sessions and parent session separately from the newborn session, is working out fantastic for all involved :)

 photo BK5A8275bw_zps056976f4.jpg
 photo BK5A8271_zpsed0d708a.jpg
 photo BK5A8264copy_zpsc20479b8.jpg
 photo BK5A8258_zpseac33c53.jpg
 photo BK5A8256bw_zps6014dabc.jpg

Rachel & Fam

Rachel approached me a few months ago, asking if I would be able to accommodate herself and her cousins for a big group shot. The plan is, to surprise their Nonna for her upcoming birthday!

While I don't generally photograph large, extended families on a regular basis, Rachel & her cousins were easy on me and I think we managed to get some beautiful shots to surprise Nonna with ;)

 photo BK5A8236_zps4f793bcf.jpg
 photo BK5A8229_zps30deb668.jpg
 photo BK5A8219_zpsf2b2d0c8.jpg
 photo BK5A8213_zpsf3f2ea72.jpg
 photo BK5A8206_zps407d26d8.jpg
 photo BK5A8197_zps8c4e9f4e.jpg
 photo BK5A8185_zps214cce4f.jpg
 photo BK5A8137_zps3c676eab.jpg

Monday, March 4, 2013

Newborn Mentoring with 11 day old Peyton

This past weekend I held my very first newborn mentoring workshop in my studio with my friend and colleague, Kathy, of KDM Photography.

While Kathy was hoping to see me "soothe" a fussy newborn baby, sweet Peyton was a complete ANGEL for our session. Other than those absolutely beautiful newborn "squeaks", he literally didn't make a peep. He very nearly even posed himself LOL.

Here's some shots from the session, including some behind the scenes, taken by my daughter Alex :)

 photo IMG_5703_zpscd122536.jpg
 photo IMG_5707_zps90b6ecdb.jpg
 photo IMG_5708-1_zps403274e3.jpg
 photo sdsd_zpsd2e8a7b7.jpg
 photo CoffeeShopStoryboard2-1_zpscca83cda.jpg

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sterlying, 8 Days New ~ Niagara Photographer

8 day old Sterlying was in the studio yesterday almost exactly 3 years after his big sis Harlowe was here for her debut! Like sister, like brother, Sterlying wasn't a huge fan of modelling for me BUT, we made it through and got some great images :)

 photo BK5A7597_zps62d21e36.jpg
 photo BK5A7580_zpsf577afbc.jpg
 photo BK5A7554_zps1b3c4251.jpg
 photo BK5A7529_zps912fdd05.jpg
 photo BK5A7523_zpsfba10888.jpg
 photo BK5A7514_zps04212656.jpg



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