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Monday, May 5, 2014

Jameson, 5 days new

Jameson here was a total peach for his session…completely laid back and transitioned beautifully from pose to pose. At only 5 days old, his Mommy reports that he seems to have his days and nights mixed up and I can't say I disagree, although in my case, it only worked to my advantage :)

 photo BK5A3411_zps9f7ef453.jpg
 photo BK5A3402_zps11562379.jpg
 photo BK5A3383_zpsf11fb85c.jpg
 photo BK5A3363_zpsd81e0d59.jpg
 photo BK5A3350_zps77d3498b.jpg
 photo BK5A3348_zps0ca02590.jpg
 photo BK5A3334_zps88d30820.jpg
 photo BK5A3328_zps78a714d8.jpg
 photo BK5A3304_zps55f7740f.jpg

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Melissa & Anthony, engaged

It was a bit of a tense week leading up to this session as Melissa made it very obvious that she was as excited for this engagement shoot as I was and we both had our eye on the weather. After a week full of rain however, I woke up to a short but sweet message from Melissa that said "There is SUN!!!!". 

Thankfully, the sun decided to stay out and while it was still pretty damp on the ground and quite windy, we decided to go for it and I'm really glad we did. I had a blast with these 2 and can't wait for their big day in 2015!

 photo BK5A3157_zps1d16c811.jpg
 photo BK5A3154_zps6e2c5024.jpg
 photo BK5A3140_zps7ff9016b.jpg
 photo BK5A3123_zps39635d95.jpg
 photo BK5A3067_zpsdd757488.jpg
 photo BK5A3030_zpsd5bb39c6.jpg
 photo BK5A3018_zps9a71b71b.jpg
 photo BK5A2994_zpsdd70852d.jpg
 photo BK5A2984_zpsa94bdcb4.jpg



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