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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun to be One! ~ Welland Smash the Cake Photographer

This past Sunday was a big day for the toddlers in the studio as I had not one, not two but THREE 1 yr old's celebrating their very first birthdays! What an exciting time :) Along with some smash the cake fun, it was also still nice enough to get a few outdoor pics with family as well and here's some sneaks from Grace, Braden and Audrey's shoots!

The Birth of Lexi Lafleur ~ Niagara Birth Photographer

This past weekend was an incredible experience for me. I've decided to try my hand at birth photography and I got the call Saturday that my client was in labour. I went into a bit of a panic as it was Saturday and I was getting ready to leave to shoot my very last wedding of the 2011 season!

I went right over to Deb & Buddha's house (you may remember that they are the awesome couple whom I went with to Punta Cana to shoot their wedding this past January), and began shooting Deb labouring in the tub. The birthing tub and other accessories were rented from a local place called
The Birth Nest, which is owned by another client of mine!

Before long, I realized I had to leave for the wedding and Deb was still 6 cm dilated. I knew at that point that I would be gone for approximately 5 hours and was pretty sure I was going to miss the big moment....

Fast forward to a few minutes before I was getting ready to finish up the wedding, my cell phone rings and my daughter answers it for me...she comes up to me and tells me Deb is pushing. I knew at that point I had about a 20 minute drive to get back to where the birth was taking place and I tried my hardest not to speed!

With about 40 minutes to spare, I'm thrilled to tell you that I did make it in time and beautiful Lexi Lafleur was born in front of my eyes. I can't even explain what an amazing experience it was and one I will forever be grateful for.

Thank you so very much to Deb & Buddha for allowing me to witness one of the most special things I have ever been a part of. Debbie, you are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Here's some of the images I captured on this special day:

Jessica & Josh ~ Niagara on the Lake Wedding Photographer

This sweet couple's ceremony and reception took place at one of my favourite spots in our area, White Oaks Resort & Spa. While they had planned on an outdoor ceremony, Mother Nature had other plans in the days leading up to the wedding day.... it wasn't raining the day of, but it was far too wet to have the ceremony outside so they quickly moved things around and the vows were exchanged inside. We did head outside for some pictures in between the ceremony and reception however and here's some sneaks!

Fall Boudoir Marathon ~ Niagara Boudoir Photographer

Last weekend was my semi-annual boudoir marathon and as usual, the girls who joined me were amazing. Can you think of a more perfect gift for your fiance/husband/partner???? It doesn't get any more unique than giving the gift of YOU and I'd like to thank these beautiful ladies for allowing me to share some of their images.
If you'd be interested in participating in my spring boudoir marathon, please inbox me at shayward1@cogeco.ca

Sweet Sawyer ~ Welland Newborn Photographer

Meet Sawyer...isn't that just a great name? This big guy was born at nearly 10 lbs. and was pretty laid back for me. His parents came to me thanks to a gift certificate given to them by one of my current wedding clients and I'm so happy they came into the studio a few days ago to capture this special time in their lives. I absolutely LOVE capturing a newborn's sweet little features that grow much too fast...

Sweet Harper ~ Welland Newborn Photographer

10 day old Harper made an appearance here in the studio a few days ago and was AMAZING! She slept almost the entire time she was here and we were able to get her entire shoot done in less than an hour and a half, which doesn't happen too often with newborns. She was also probably one of the smiliest infants I've ever worked with, check her out:



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