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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Long Overdue....

Time FLIES, it really does! I've been so busy lately that I finally realized just how behind on blogging I am :(

Here's a very condensed version of some of the sessions I've done the past few weeks...spring is here and I couldn't be happier to be shooting outdoors again :)

 photo BK5A4556_zps31c143e8.jpg
 photo BK5A4425_zps782622ca.jpg
 photo BK5A4128_zps6c3e304d.jpg
 photo BK5A3969_zps3727bc76.jpg
 photo BK5A3916_zps85a76999.jpg
 photo BK5A3829_zpsb84ef44b.jpg
 photo BK5A3665_zps7a8302e1.jpg
 photo BK5A3582_zps2ff43341.jpg
 photo BK5A3520_zps5f9bd7c6.jpg
 photo BK5A3417_zps7b4e13ef.jpg
 photo BK5A3110_zps948d8e26.jpg
 photo BK5A2984_zpsdb36d1e8.jpg
 photo BK5A2958_zpsb5a7abd2.jpg
 photo BK5A2881bwtext_zps4208e2e1.jpg
 photo BK5A2728_zpsea526dcb.jpg
 photo BK5A2669_zps2a69dc97.jpg
 photo BK5A2624_zps5d47ad76.jpg
 photo BK5A2564_zps49258882.jpg
 photo BK5A2421_zps7d26d5ff.jpg
 photo BK5A2377_zps853e17c6.jpg
 photo BK5A2227_zps5045a55d.jpg
 photo BK5A2174_zpsc5b54467.jpg
 photo BK5A2124rs_zps0403ca0f.jpg
 photo BK5A2077_zps64a39205.jpg
 photo BK5A2029_zpsfe7af829.jpg
 photo BK5A1969_zpsabd937a4.jpg
 photo BK5A1950_zps6086d735.jpg
 photo BK5A1910_zpsbe5385cd.jpg
 photo BK5A1876txt_zps99955371.jpg
 photo BK5A1474_zps4465915f.jpg
 photo BK5A1437_zps5b5d34e4.jpg
 photo BK5A1392bw_zpsc82d5012.jpg
 photo BK5A1223txt_zps0cc42565.jpg
 photo BK5A1184_zps94fbb330.jpg
 photo BK5A1109_zps38ec3d9c.jpg
 photo BK5A1053_zps003975aa.jpg
 photo BK5A1014bw_zpsca4e6ff2.jpg



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