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Friday, December 11, 2009

12 days of Christmas Giveaways

Starting tomorrow (Saturday December, 12) I will begin a 12 days of Christmas type giveaway! Each day for 12 days, I will post one of my favourite pictures from one of my weddings/sessions this past year and why it is one of my favourites. In order for you, the reader to be considered for the daily giveaway, you must comment on the photo and tell me what you like best about it! I will announce the winners daily and the prizes will be random, anything from percent off discounts to free shoots, to other surprises! On the 24th of December, the 12 daily winners will then all be eligible to win the grand prize, again, it's a secret :)

So get ready to comment and win starting Saturday December 11th!

I don't want to post without a picture so here's one of my favourite pictures that I took last week during my trip to NYC:



Shannon said...

I love this word for this time of season because people forget to believe I know it is sometimes hard to.

Vivian said...

Love the angle of that shot Stacy!

Vicky B. said...

I love the contrast of the lighted "Believe" sign against the classic red brick. Beautiful.

Chantal Visi said...

Believe, of course I love it because my daughters love Tinkerbell. I love it as a motto in life. I love it connected with NYC because if ever a city belived in itself and used magic to recover NYC did. This picture really captures the beauty and magic.

Stef Nolet said...

I love the angle, I love the way the word is so huge, its like its just floating and not even attached to the building. It makes me think of that movie "The Polar Express" when Tom Hanks I believe takes a ticket and punches holes in it and he punches BELIEVE, to believe in dreams ect...

Anonymous said...

om its breath taking . makes me fell so good inside , the words melts your heart . the pic shows thatithas a very special glow ., that makes people stare and be memorized by its beauty ,.the word makes all things possible . gjob well done beautiful .

debbie campbell said...

this picture is amazing true words r so comforting , gets to your very deep inner soul,. u can feel the magic of its glow . its a picture that makes people stare and be memmorized by its beauty . . makes all things possible .its magic good job. keep it up .



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